Your local dispatch has sent you a direct request for a new tow job. Here is how to accept the job and send it to one of your operators.

Step 1: In your Curbside SOS platform under “Dispatch” you will see a new job come through. To grab the job just click on the “Request”.

Step 2: Once you’ve clicked on the request, you’ll be able to see the tow order details and assign someone from your team to the job by clicking on the orange “Assign Operators” button.

Step 3: Curbside will now locate all of your local operators that are within 60 minutes of the job and have their Curbside SOS app on. Select which operator you’d like to send the job to and click the orange “Notify Operators” button.

Step 4: Once you’ve selected your operator, your tow job status will change to “In Progress”

Step 5: Once your operator has completed the job and marked it within the Curbside SOS app, the status of the job will shift to “Completed”. All completed jobs will be viewable in your “History” section within your Curbside SOS dashboard.