To dispatch a job you received 911 dispatch in the Curbside SOS app, you first need to make sure you have allowed your phone to receive notifications from the Curbside SOS app. You can check you notifications settings in your app by clicking on the menu in the top left hand corner.

You’ll also want to make sure in your notifications settings on your phone (iPhone and Androids) that you allow notifications to come from Curbside SOS.

Once you’ve verified that you can receive notifications from Curbside SOS (not just sms messages), it is super simple to dispatch a job in app.


Step 1: When a job is assigned to you, a push notification will be sent to your phone. You MUST hit this push notification to have your job appear in the app.

Step 2: You now have the option to “Decline” the job or “Assign an operator”. Select “Assign Operator”


Step 3: Select the operator you’d like to send to the job. If you select your self you will automatically be promoted to mark “on my way” putting you enroute to the scene.

*If you assign another driver, they will be notified so they can mark “on my way”.

Then head out to scene and be sure to mark the job “complete” in app once you’ve finished.