Your dispatch has received a new tow job and has assigned you a new tow. Below is how you accept the job and mark it complete.

*Make sure that your Curbside SOS app has access to your location at all times, so you can be pinged for jobs.

Step 1: You will receive a text message or notification informing you of a new job. Click the link in the text that will take you to the Curbside SOS app to accept the job.


Step 2: Within the app accept the job. By hitting “On My Way” you will also update your Tow Dispatch and the Local Dispatch.


Step 3: Select the vehicle you will be using for the job.

*If you don’t see the vehicle you’d like to use, here is how you add a new vehicle.


Step 4: You’ll be prompted to use your preferred mapping app for the fastest route directly to the job.


Step 5: Once the job is complete be sure to mark it in your Curbside SOS app so your Tow Dispatch and Local Dispatch will be informed the job is done.

*A reminder will be sent to you phone if you have not marked the job complete after 4 hours of accepting the job.


Step 6: Once you’ve marked the job complete, you’re ready to accept a new job.