You have searched for help with your car and landed on Curbside SOS. Now what?


Curbside SOS is a platform that helps connect you with available tow companies in the area that can help you. Just follow the below steps to get assistance.


Step 1: Click on the orange “Get started”.

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to give access to your location. You can hit “allow” and the system will plug in where you are exactly OR you can hit “deny” and you’ll be prompted to add your location at a later point.

Step 3: Select the service you need help with. Do you need a tow? Will your car not start? Did you get a flat tire? Pick whatever service applies to you.

Step 4: Add in your basic car details, make and model. 

For example you may have a Ford Focus. Ford is the make, Focus is the model.

Step 5: Add in your number so you can get text alerts throughout the process.

Step 6: Add in your location if you hit “deny” in Step 2 OR confirm your location from Step 2.

Step 7: This is where you’ll want to add as much detail about your situation as possible so the tow company has all the information.

Example: If you selected flat tire, is the flat tire in the front or back of the car? Is the flat tire on the driver side or passenger side? Do you have a spare tire with you?

Step 8: Once you finish filling in your details, just hit the orange “Submit request” button.


Step 9: You’ll then land on a waiting page. When you hit the “submit request” button, all of the tow companies a part of the Curbside SOS program in your area have been alerted. They have 3 minutes to review your request and submit a quote. In the quote you’ll get an estimated price for the job as well as an ETA of how long it’ll take them to get to you.

Step 10: When the 3 minutes are up, you’ll get a text message that you have quotes from tow companies to review and to head to select the quote that works best for you.

Step 11: Click into the tow company that you’d like to have perform the service and hit the orange “select”.

Step 12: Review the details of the quote and then hit the orange “Confirm & continue”. 

Note: All services will be paid directly to the tow company you selected to do the job. We are not processing payments through Curbside SOS at this time.

Step 13: Once you submit the confirmation of your selection, the tow company driver will be notified.

Step 14: As soon as the tow company driver receives the notification you chose them for the job, they will mark themselves on the way and you will get a better ETA as well as a tracking map of where they are compared to you.

Once the tow company driver has arrived on scene, they’ll confirm the service with you and get you all squared away. Again, you’ll want to pay them directly.