The tow operator will use the “checkout” button in the app. This means the tow operator will be able to see the original service fee and add additional charges along with a description of the charge before finalizing and charging the motorist’s credit card.  Please note, all payment will be handled in the app so the operator must finalize payment to complete the job. 


Step 1: Tap the “+” button


Step 2: Tap Checkout

Step 3: If there are no additional charges, simply tap the “Confirm charges and mark complete” button. The motorist will be charged and you will see a success message. 

Step 4: If there are additional charges, tap on the “+ additional charges” text. 

.    .       

Note: In the unlikely situation that there is an error with the motorist’s credit card, the Curbside SOS platform will send a message to the motorist to enter a new credit card. The app will also alert the tow operator with a message saying the credit card failed. Once the new credit card is entered successfully, the job status will update to payment successful. The tow operator will be available to take new jobs during this time.