You’ve been sent a registration link to get started with Curbside SOS. Below walks you through each step and what you’ll need to get setup as fast as possible.

*Creating your CurbsideSOS account can take a few minutes but you won’t have to repeat the steps later. Before beginning your registration you’ll want to have the following information on hand:

  • Business information (Name, phone, email)
  • Service fees (your fees for pick up, mileage, storage, etc)
  • Driver information (if you have any other drivers on your team that you want to be able to receive jobs)
  • Vehicle information (Make, Model, VIN and registration for each vehicle you use)

Step 1: Click on the orange “Login” button in your email. Once you click the Login button, you’ll be directed to Curbside SOS to complete your registration.


Step 2: You’ve landed on your registration page reminding you of what you’ll need to register. Click the orange “Get Started” button.

*Make sure you have all your documents ready. This sign up can take about 10-15 minutes


Step 3: Fill in basic company information (ex: company name, address, your name and number)

*Company nickname is what people around your area know you as. It can be an acronym of your company name or for example if you are “Mike’s Towing” and just go by “Mike’s”.


Step 4: Fill in your Service Fees for each of the provided towing services. Each service needs a number so if a service is not applicable to you just add a zero (0).


Step 5: Enter the location of your storage facility. If you have multiple locations, please add all here.

Step 6: Add in fee amounts for common services you may provide, like tire change. Then click on the “Save & Continue” button.


Step 7: Invite drivers. You’ll be able to add yourself as a driver and any of your other operators. When you add a new driver, they will be notified right away so you will want to let your drivers know that you’ll be adding them to a new system and they will receive a notification to create an account. You can also add more drivers later. To add a new driver once you’ve finished creating your CurbsideSOS account head here.

*Once you’re set up as a driver, you’ll receive an SMS message to download the Curbside SOS app to accept jobs and receive directions.

Step 8: Add in the vehicle information for the vehicles you plan on using to take police jobs You have to add at least one vehicle during your account creation but you can add more vehicles later.


Step 9: Once you’ve hit “Save” after filling your Vehicle information you’ll have one step left! Hit the orange “Finish” button to complete the setup of your Tow Company account with CurbsideSOS.

Now you are ready to start accepting jobs from your local Dispatch.