You’ve just received a call from a motorist stranded on the side of the road or a local officer has called in for a tow, follow the below steps to send out a tow truck to the scene.

*Once the New Tow Order is submitted, it is sent out to the Tow Company you selected to pick up the job.

Step 1: Login to your Curbside SOS account by heading here. Then, click on the orange “+New Tow Order” button.


Step 2: Fill in the Tow Order information


Step 2A: Enter the location of the vehicle. Try to be as specific as possible because the directions are sent directly to the Tow Truck driver. Then hit the orange “Confirm” button.

*You are able to add a local description like “Walmart parking lot”


Step 2B: Add in Vehicle information for the car that needs to be towed. You’ll also be asked to add some towing details like if the vehicle should be sent to the impound and if the release of the vehicle needs authorization. Please select all that apply here. Then hit the orange “Add” button.

*You also have the ability to add any additional information you have about the vehicle here. For example if the car needs a winch, is out of gas, or a lock out.


Step 2C: Select Tow Company from your rotation under Has Tow Company preference


Step 3: Fill in the Incident details like Department, Incident number, Incident type, and the Officer reporting.


Step 4: Add any additional remarks. This section is for any extra information that will help the wrecker get to the scene as fast as possible. For example if there is a road closure or flooding on a standard route, you’d add this here.


Step 5: Once everything is filled in fully, click the orange “Preview” button on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Review the the order and click the orange “Confirm and Submit” button.


Once the New Tow Order is submitted, it is sent out to the Tow Company you selected to assign a driver to the job.