Applying for an open bid tow request

Your local dispatch has just sent out a request for a new tow. You and all tow companies in their program have the ability to apply for the job. Below are the steps to apply for a new open request.


Step 1: In your dispatch dashboard, you’ll see a new tow come across. Click on the new job to view the details.

Step 2: If the tow is within a 30-40 minute drive of one of your operators, submit a quote by clicking the green “Quote Job” button.

Step 3: Select the closest driver you’d like to send out to the job. 

**Your driver will need to have their Curbside SOS app open in order to be able to be selected for the job.

Step 4: Select which vehicle your driver will be arriving in and then submit your quote.

Step 5: Once you’ve submitted your quote, the job will turn to a grey pending state.

Step 6: If you receive the job, it will turn to a green pending state. The driver you selected for the job will then have all of the information sent to their phone through the Curbside SOS app.

Once your driver marks “On My Way” in their app, you and your local dispatch will see their ETA to the scene.


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