Below are the stages for a direct tow request within the Curbside SOS platform.

Direct Tow Request – Once you submit the tow order information and send it to your specified tow company, the stage defaults to “Notified”.

Accepted – The tow order shifts to “Accepted” after the tow company has received the job and selected a driver, but the driver has not yet acknowledged it on their phone yet..

EnrouteA driver has been assigned the tow and is on the way to the scene. You will now see the ETA for the driver to the scene.


ArrivedWrecker has arrived on scene and the ETA section has turned to “Arrived”.


CompletedAs soon as the driver has marked the incident as done in their Curbside SOS app, the job will turn to complete and fall off your screen in about 5 minutes. You can also hit refresh on your screen if you’d like a completed job to clear sooner.