Ever wonder how tracking works with the Curbside SOS app? That’s a great question and super easy to break down. You are only tracked when your tow dispatch is looking to assign the closest truck to the incident and when you are on a job.

Let’s dive in a little deeper…

When a new job from your local dispatch comes in, your tow dispatch will be able to ping your location to see who the closest truck is to the incident. Your phone is only pinged to get a rough ETA to the incident scene and is only shared with your tow dispatch. Your local dispatch will not be able to see your location at this point.

Once you have officially been assigned the job, you must mark “On my way” in order to accept the job and that is when your local dispatch will be able to see your approximate location and how long it’ll take you to get to the incident.

Once you’re done with the job, hit “Mark complete” within the Curbside SOS app and the tracking of your location will end. That’s it.

The tracking of your location will only take place when you are in the middle of a job to be able to give your local dispatch and your tow dispatch an ETA to the incident.