Fast and Transparent Dispatches

Creates tow orders with detailed location, vehicular, and incident details. The order is forwarded to all registered tow companies. Jobs are awarded based on ETAs and affordability.

Community Benefits

    Clear roads faster – we can dispatch the closest available towing service to the scene of any incident.

    Access more towing companies – extend beyond your district to bring in more towing companies than you have access to now.

    Maximum traceability – all details of any tow order are saved within the platform — with no more manual overhead.

    Ultimate flexibility – You can define which wreckers are dispatched and under which circumstances — lowest cost? Fastest ETA? Preferred vendor list? You control who gets the job.

    Always free for law enforcement use.

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    How It Works

    • Monitor wrecker status and location in real time for all jobs visually at once.

    • Add vehicular information, tie to incident numbers, select towing preferences, impound, and more.

    • Search by incident number, see all details related to a tow order.

    • Wreckers sign-up and enter all their info, such as fees, mileage and yard locations.

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