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John Wolffis


Fast and transparent dispatches.

With Curbside SOS, you can digitally dispatch to your towers without having to pick up the phone.


Clear roads faster, for free.

Really. We won’t take a penny from police dispatch or tow companies for local dispatch jobs.

Why? We see the chance to improve safety by clearing roads faster with technology that makes it possible.

Safety first. Your top priority is our top priority. We ensure the quickest available tow to reduce roadside wait times.

With one click, reach every nearby tow operator. If they are registered, available, and their ETA is within the limit you set, each can bid on any job. No more call lists or dedicated days.

GPS tracking, transparent ETA

You have continuous visibility of each truck’s real-time ETA, so everyone is better informed.

Tow operators are informed

In their trucks, they can see job details and notes, get directions, and update job status in our app.

Complete, reliable records

From start to finish, all job details are saved as digital records that can be searched and shared.

You set the requirements

Customize any job requirements like acceptable fees, type of equipment, or special circumstances.

When automatic isn’t enough

While the entire flow is automated by default, you can intervene manually at any time. You still call all the shots.

In this case, more is more

When a tow is needed near boundary lines, you can dispatch tow companies from other districts.

You own the data and towing eligibility, we just help manage it.

Learn MOre

How it works

  • Visually monitor actual wrecker location in real-time and
    the status of all jobs at once.

  • Add vehicular information, tie to incident numbers, select towing preferences, impound, and more.

  • Search by incident number, see all details related to a tow order.

  • Tow Companies sign up and enter all required info, such as local registration documents, fees, mileage and lot locations.