More Police jobs. More cash calls. Revenue on your terms.

With Curbside SOS, you are the future of towing.
No motor clubs. No networks. No BS.


Access to every local police job, for free.

Really. We won’t take a penny from law enforcement or tow companies for local dispatch jobs.

Why? We see the need to improve safety by clearing roads faster, and technology does that better than phone calls.

Get any police job, every time

No need to wait for your designated offer. Police dispatch will reach out to all tow companies for every job.

Earn more jobs

Dispatch rules are defined by your local authorities but many take cost or ETA into account.

Your operators are informed

Roadside emergency technicians can see job details, get directions, and update job status in our mobile app.

Track each job in real-time

Real-time GPS tracking makes ETA visible to you and Police Dispatch.

Write less, drive more

From start to finish, all job details are saved as digital records that can be searched and shared.

Get paid quickly, easily

Insurance companies and motorists pay you directly.

Grow your business, own the process.

Our business is helping you grow yours.

Use what you need, when you need it. Just pay for what you use. No long-term commitments or lengthy contracts.

Forget motor clubs

Their days are numbered, as outdated as the phone book. Who doesn’t have a cell phone? Or use GPS?

Get more cash jobs

You set your prices competitively in every situation, and only bid on the jobs you want.

Earn what you deserve

Roadside emergency technicians can see job details, get directions, and update job status in our mobile app.

Cut down on deadhead miles

Assign and bid on jobs based on where your operators are, using GPS tracking.

Get paid the same day

Get more police jobs with access to dispatch centers statewide.

Get paid quickly, easily

Even on insurance jobs, payment comes fast.

Write less, drive more

Every job is saved as a digital record, easy to search and share. Automated reports help you see the big picture.

Measure your service quality

Direct, private feedback from motorists at the end of each job, gives you an immediate sense of how you’re doing.

Marketing shmarketing

A strong digital presence is required these days, to build your brand and get new business. We can help with that.

How It Works

  • Get detailed police requests via email or SMS.

  • See your driver’s ETA to the incident, decide who to assign, leave remarks for the police and your drivers.

  • Full incident details will be sent right to your driver’s smartphone and they can easily map directions.

  • From the office or truck, easily track active jobs and driver locations.

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Curbside SOS is proud to support the International Towing Museum and its efforts to provide financial support to families of towing operators who lose their lives in the line of service.


You do hard, dangerous work. Let us help you earn what you deserve for it.
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