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How to re-assign a driver

If you've assigned a driver to a direct assignment but need to re-assign the job to another driver who can get to the scene faster, follow these quick steps.

Step 1

Login to the Curbside SOS dashboard and click on the job you want to re-assign the driver.

Curbside SOS Dispatch jobs screen

Step 2

Scroll down slightly and click on the blue "re-assign driver" text.

Curbside SOS Dispatch job details screen

Step 3

Select the driver you want to handle the job now and click the orange "re-assign" to complete the action.

Curbside SOS Dispatch job re-assignment dialog

The driver that was originally assigned the job will be notified they no longer are on it. And the newly assigned driver will be notified they have been assigned the job and to mark "on my way".

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Curbside SOS is an open marketplace for motorists who require roadside assistance & towing help but don't want all of the costs & complications that come with road club memberships. We connect motorists in need with emergency assistance professionals to allow them to directly quote how much they would charge for the job in real time with more transparency and tracking than alternatives, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible, for less than you'd think.

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