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Roadside Assistance in Springdale, AR

All ServicesFlat tireWon't startOut of gasLocked out
Average ETA: 4560 minutes

The average estimated time of arrival for all services. Includes both historical data and estimates using service areas, average travel speed and local conditions.

Expect to pay: $73 to $116

The price range for all completed roadside assistance services near Springdale, AR. Request a quote to get a more accurate estimate.

How to prepare

Turn on your hazard lights, and stay with your vehicle until help arrives. Avoid getting out of your vehicle in high-traffic areas. Learn more about roadside assistance.

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Lytle Roadside Svc-Mr Quick Pick provides reliable roadside assistance in Springdale, AR. They cover areas along Interstate 49, State Route 412, and State Route 71. Their services extend to the nearby Ozark National Forest and Devil's Den State Park.

Out of gas
Locked out
Flat tire
Won't start
3545 min
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* ETA may vary based on weather, availability and other factors.

FAQs: Springdale, Arkansas Roadside Assistance

Our providers offer several different types of roadside assistance services in Springdale, AR, and surrounding areas: gas, lock out, tire, jumpstart, and battery services.
If you breakdown in an unsafe location, lock your doors and stay inside your vehicle. If necessary, dial local emergency services for immediate assistance. Safety should be your top priority.
Estimated time-of-arrivals vary due to a number of factors, but our network of roadside assistance service companies in Springdale, Arkansas generally arrive between 45 and 60 minutes. Your provider may arrive even sooner, depending on their current proximity to your location.
When getting help from a Curbside SOS network roadside assistance provider, you will provide the location where you want your vehicle towed, the make and model of your car or truck, location, your name and contact information, and the type of help you are seeking. It is also important to expect a call back from your service provider, so be sure to answer their call for the fastest arrival time.
Curbside SOS is an open marketplace for motorists who require roadside assistance & towing help but don't want all of the costs & complications that come with road club memberships. We connect motorists in need with emergency assistance professionals to allow them to directly quote how much they would charge for the job in real time with more transparency and tracking than alternatives, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible for less than you'd think.

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